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23sep10:00- 12:30Workshops 1Liesbet Ruben, It is normal to be different: 40 years’ experience of Tropenmuseum Junior in Amsterdam10:00 - 12:30 ul. Targowa 50/52, 03-733 WarszawaTHE WARSAW’S PRAGA MUSEUM

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It is normal to be different: 40 years’ experience of Tropenmuseum Junior in Amsterdam

I am Mumbai, dir. Florien van den Breemer, 30‘
Presentation: How we work? Presentation of the Tropenmuseum method.
Tropenmuseum Junior prepares exhibitions about nowadays cultures for children but also for their parents and teachers. It has a working method that can be described through 3 keywords: personal stories, hands-on objects and activities. Within this approach immaterial heritage is considered a part of the collection and the focus is on stories, poetry, dancing, music, food, events, production processes. Doing research is also a part of the method. Tropenmuseum Junior uses theatre techniques to create a narrative space, an immersive experience. The visitors are offered a non-museum-like experience, not a schoolish experience. Culture cannot be explained only through information. It has to be experienced.

Workshops on storytelling through objects. Task for participants: bring one object that evokes a story that is linked to a meaningful personal event. Be prepared for a 3-minutes presentation.


Liesbet Ruben

Liesbet Ruben

Liesbet Ruben
Since 1979 Liesbet Ruben has been working for Tropenmuseum Junior in Amsterdam, a ethnographic children’s museum for children from 6 to 13 years old. Tropenmuseum Junior is part of the Tropenmuseum. As creative project leader Liesbet is responsible for the interpretative process from research to concept to realization and maintenance of high quality of the exhibition projects and the belonging materials such as the books and teachers manuals. She makes a book for every exhibition and six books were awarded. From her long experience in the self –developed working method Liesbet consults other museums world-wide.

With her team she developed twelve multidisciplinary interactive exhibitions about Brazil-Pernambuco, China, Mumbai, Iran, Ghana, Australian Aborigines, Bali, Senegal, Turkey, Morocco and Surinam. All means of communication are involved in these exhibitions, such as theatre, music, dance, cooking, hand-on collection, singing, techniques, innovating set-design and scenography.

She is curating and leading the artistic projects from research till the final details in the programs that offer the children a comprehensive experience in the exhibitions of Tropenmuseum junior.


DOTKNĄĆ I POCZUĆ TO ZROZUMIEĆ z Liesbet Ruben rozmawia Karolina Dudek, “Muzealnictwo”


(Wednesday) 10:00 - 12:30



ul. Targowa 50/52, 03-733 Warszawa


Instytucją współpracującą przy organizacji warsztatów jest Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi

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